Felix Nähener, Tha...
By christianosensi
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Felix would be the most common of teenagers, in his dull routine, were it not for one detail: he receives from his late father an unusual inheritance, a laboratory of forensic analysis and preparation of the dead, and he is going to become a professional thanatoscopyst to take the business over. Still, his life could be tedious and boring if not for a second detail: as unusual jobs that start to pop up at the lab unveil a sinister backstage world, he discovers that his inheritance also includes his own extrasensory abilities, which begin to surface while he develops his work. ~~~ [Hooked? Want to know more? There it goes:] As Felix ignores his father's warnings, be it when he tries to warn beautiful Evelyne of a supposed fateful event in her future, or when he tries to help detective Michael to discover the whereabouts of a serial killer whose victims have been sent to the laboratory, a chain of unexpected events hauls his once dull life. Now, as mysterious manifestations and sinister beings start to surge in most unexpected situations, Felix will also undergo a self-discovery trip to get to know how far his new perceptions will take him - even if it means finding himself closer and closer to death, in ways he never thought possible. An unusual suspense with fantastic and horror pinches, protagonized by a teenage character, "Felix Nähener, Thanatoscopyst" will take you on a journey from his dull school routine to a roller-coaster of unexpected and unstoppable amazing events.


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Felix Nä...
by christianosensi