Felix Nähener, Tha...
By christianosensi
  • Horror
  • comingofage
  • cross-genre
  • crush
  • dark
  • deadinside
  • forensics
  • paranormal
  • plottwist
  • psychic
  • psychic-abilities
  • softhorror
  • teenfiction
  • thriller
  • youngadult


Young Felix receives from his late father an unusual inheritance - a laboratory of forensic analysis and preparation of the dead, and he is going to become a professional thanatoscopyst to take the business over. But as the unusual jobs that start to pop up at the lab unveil a sinister backstage world, he discovers that his inheritance is more than just business - and includes his own extrasensory abilities, which begin to surface while he develops his work. However, as the young lad ignores his father's warnings, be it when he tries to warn beautiful Eveline of a supposed fateful event in her future, or when he tries to help detective Michael to discover the whereabouts of a serial killer whose victims have been sent to the laboratory, a chain of unexpected events hauls his once dull life. Now, as mysterious manifestations and sinister beings start to surge in most unexpected situations, Felix will also undergo a self-discovery trip to get to know how far his new perceptions will take him - even if it means finding himself closer and closer to death, in ways he never thought possible. An unusual suspense with fantastic and horror pinches, protagonized by a teenage character, "Felix Nähener, Thanatoscopyst" will take you for a journey, from his dull school routine to a roller-coaster of unexpected and unstoppable amazing events.


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Felix Nä...
by christianosensi