When Queens Fall
By HaleySulich
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To earn her freedom, a magic-addicted spy must track a princess-turned-assassin. Falling for the princess wasn't part of the plan. ***** Strange. Unnatural. That's what people whisper about eighteen-year-old Zara Tait, a Leodian spy addicted to soul-stealing magic. She has spent most of her life tracking down the terrorist group her father started, but once she learns that her queen fabricated the deadly attacks, she wants nothing more than to walk away. But the queen is the source of Zara's strange magic, and if Zara betrays her, the queen will cut her off. Without more souls, Zara's corrupt magic would destroy her. Cursed. Trapped. That's all seventeen-year-old Princess Kayden Branimir of Freca has ever been. Born with a rare healing magic that a prophecy predicts will someday save the world, she grew up training as an elite assassin to protect her identity and the throne. But she doesn't want to be the hero, and she'd rather pretend the prophecy doesn't exist. Her life takes a turn when she receives a cryptic letter from someone she thought long dead: her twin sister. Trapped in rival territory Leodia, her twin begs Kayden to rescue her. Determined to find her sister, Kayden sneaks into Leodia undercover. Zara's chance at freedom comes when the queen makes a bargain: if Zara learns what Kayden's magic is capable of, she will be granted freedom. But Zara's decision isn't so simple once she realizes Kayden's magic is the key that the queen needs to conquer domains. One choice will lead to the deaths of everyone Zara loves; one will bring destruction to entire domains. That is, if Kayden doesn't kill Zara first. [2020 Watty Award Winner]

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by HaleySulich