Alpha Knox
By CinnamonStix17
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COMPLETE!!! RATED #1 in #Wolfpack, #Kinky, #Submissive, #adultfiction, #softbdsm, #bdsmcommunity, #alpha and #Eroticromance!!!! Updates often!! ***this story contains heavy language, and is very mature!!! Erotic scenes almost immediately. You've been warned. Read with caution*** ----- I look back at Alpha Knox who was now in front of me, towering over me as if I was a brand new pup. "I gave an order not to wear those." He said through his clenched jaw. Knowing right away he was talking about my shorts I pull them up and place one of my hands on the right side of my exposed ass. "I don't think you're in charge of me Alpha Knox. And I quite like the way the breeze feels against my skin." His eyes darken as his body tenses, "I have no problem ripping those off and bending you over my fucking knee, as your mate, you respect me. As the alpha, you follow my orders." Did he... did he just say what I think he said? I could hear girls in the background speaking of Alpha Knox and his fit body, but I was focused on something much more important than some school girl talk. "And who is your mate?" I asked, with sarcasm leaking through the seams. His hand grabbed firmly onto my ass, his nose connecting with my sweet spot that one day will be marked by my mate, his hot breath sending shivers throughout my entire body. "I think you know." With that, he walked away.

Chapter 1

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Alpha Knox
by CinnamonStix17