Lucid Nightmare (Iz...
By Shipping_Empress
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What would you do if your nightmares became reality? Would you run? Would you fight them? Or would you die from fright? Maybe even try to conquer them? Either way you would have to deal with living in a living hell everyday. But what would you do if your nightmares becoming reality was your quirk? Would you still use it? Or would you refuse to ever call upon it? You may be confused as to why I'm asking these question, right? Well allow me to shine some sinister light on the situation. Every question I have asked you is a question that has ran through a certain girl's head and along with many other questions like it. Welcome to Luna's world, where every day is a Lucid Nightmare. --- Luna is a foreign girl who moved to Japan from America when she was young and her quirk is a rather particular one, a quirk people would often describe as "villainous". Her quirk is called "Realist Nightmare" where she can make anyone's nightmare into a reality, including her own. And I'm here to show you the way as Luna fights to become a hero despite her "villainous" quirk. After a mishap in middle school Luna moves to Japan with her family where she starts anew. After training with her quirk she's finally admitted into UA through recommendation. Luna lives out her nightmarish days without caring much about anything. That is until she meets a certain freckled boy with curly green hair. Can this certain boy turn her nightmares into daydreams? Or will she be stuck in a never ending cycle of horror. (Izuku Midoriya X OC) A/N: I don't own BNHA or their characters, just Luna and her family. Also ALL pictures don't belong to me, all credit goes to their original artist. I simply found them on google.

Welcome to Hell-I mean High School

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