Soul Bound
By Midnight-Madness13
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Every person is born with someone that will be perfect for them, their second half, their soulmate. Someone that shared a special connection to them that no other person will experience, one of their five senses will be linked to their soulmate and the moment they meet it will be an irrefutable feeling for both individuals. For the majority of his life, Alastor never entertained the fact that he had a soulmate, he's never experienced any of the usual signs of having one. Not until he neared the end of his life when he saw a glimpse of what his soulmate was seeing, writhing around in the ground in pain as a woman ran towards them frightened. Angel Dust didn't think he had a soulmate for the majority of his life until he was 14 years old and the feeling of teeth ripping into him in the middle of the night awoke him. A Radiodust soulmate au

Chapter 1

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Soul Bound
by Midnight-Madness13