Just A Taste
By Lowkey_Lullaby
  • Romance
  • bisexual
  • confusion
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
  • shortstory


Brandy Nelson and Taylor Ashford have been best friends since middle school and the friendship has lasted into their adulthood. While Taylor is weak Brandy is strong and while Brandy is crazy Taylor is calm. If you ask anybody the two are complete opposites but could easily benefit from what other has to offer. Brandy is a Twenty Four-year-old out and proud Lesbian who avoids commitment and Taylor is a foolish naive Straight woman who insists on remaining committed to a man who doesn't deserve her. Brandy wants to show Taylor that she can be free BUT is that because she wants what is best for Taylor or because she secretly has a 'thing' for her long time best friend? Knowing Brandy its a little bit of both. Brandy has absolutely no intentions of stealing Taylor from her man. She isn't looking for love she doesn't want or need any strings or complicated attachments...she just want's a taste. Will Brandy get her 'taste' or will she lose her friendship in the process? [Lesbian/Bisexual]

01 All I Want

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Just A Ta...
by Lowkey_Lullaby