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These two are on the run from pirates and the past... But just who is outrunning who? We join Eva Leeuwen and Teldryn Sero following an ambush aboard a ship to Skyrim... What brought this unlikely pair together - and will their friendship survive the hunt? Set sail and dive headfirst into an epic fantasy adventure set in Tamriel. "The best swordsman in all Morrowind is at your service... For the right price" Notes: Eva is a Wood Elf of Valenwood, and is not the Dragonborn. Hailing from a traditional hunting clan, she came into her magic and was advised to seek her education in Skyrim's fabled 'College of Winterhold'. As our story begins, she has not been at the College for some months. This story takes place during the era of the Dragonborn, so who knows who they may meet? Dark Elves are also known as Dunmer, and occasionally refer to eachother as 'Serjo' (male) and 'Sera' (female). These are not names of characters. Wood Elves are known as Bosmer. High Elves are known as Altmer. Elves overall are known as 'mer' or 'merfolk'. My first 'Skyrim fan fiction', and let me tell you - I'm surprised it did not happen sooner. This story is based on the dark elf character 'Teldryn Sero', owned by Bethesda who can be found and hired in Raven Rock as part of the Dragonborn DLC expansion. The areas and named characters mentioned all belong to Bethesda game studio. I have used my own art, screenshots of my own games and occasionally online sourced screen shots for pictures. Thank you to all involved. It is also loosely inspired by the fan-made, and awesome downloadable Mod 'Teldryn Serious' which as far as I am aware is available on most formats with Skyrim remastered edition. Thank you to the creator (Undriel) of that Mod also, which I highly recommend for fans of Teldryn, and also the accompanying mod - Teldryn Serious Wedding.

A Reward for a Friend

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