The Phoenix Manifes...
By OnlyJoshuaBelcher
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The Phoenix Manifesto is a novel written to address the problems America faces and propose areas of reform in the Christian perspective. We have yet to hear about America and its problems, as well as plans of reform, in a Christian's perspective. In addition to the problems, plans of reform are proposed to help solve these problems. Modeled after President Woodrow Wilson's fourteen point speech, this novel is written to give hope to Americans that America is not a fallen nation and that revival is closer than we may think. The hope this novel gives is from the cross of Christ. We have hope in Jesus that America can rise from the ashes and be great once again. This novel is written about the current problems America faces (political and moral) and it seeks to give the people hope, as well as broadening their horizons to new perspectives.


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The Phoen...
by OnlyJoshuaBelcher