The Return of the T...
By trellyasigma
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It has been over six months since the Seer died in the Doctor's arms. He has finally started to come to terms with it- and then he runs into her on a San Francisco street, still ginger and looking the same as ever. There's only one problem- she has no memory of him, the TARDIS, Gallifrey, or anything that happened before her death. As far as she knows, she has lived a normal human life, believing that that is who she is, under the name Trellya Smith. She probably would have never known her true nature if she didn't get kidnapped by someone else who should be dead- the Master. These events trigger something that can't be stopped. The Doctor as the Master do the impossible and decide to work together for the noble cause of finding her memories. But if she DOES get her memories back, will te one that brought the two dead Timelords back to life want her for himself?

The Return of the Time Lady- Sequel to the Seer

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The Retur...
by trellyasigma