Memoirs of a Skelet...
By Matadorian
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Mallory's life as an up-and-coming author had been fairly ordinary. But when his bloody coup d'├ętat novels got a shade too popular, the government cracked down. Hard. A year of solitary later, he's free to go. But there's just one catch: he's a skeleton now. He can still walk, talk, and watch TV. But his writing just isn't the same, and it's tough to find work as a bunch of bones. Hence, the job with Arrow. She's an ambitious hellion blowing through her inheritance, but doing her bidding at least keeps Mallory from begging in the streets. That's when he notices her powers. She can shape-shift, type on his typewriter from afar, and summon creatures out of thin air. And yet, no one else ever seems to notice. So Mallory does the pragmatic thing and hires a private detective to do some digging. But what the sleuth turns up is some serious $#%!

1. The Map

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Memoirs o...
by Matadorian