Soulless Creature
By marsy7
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You're not supposed to fall in love with the damned. Lucy doesn't live a happy life. Between school, her loneliness, and her abusive father, it's a struggle to keep her head above water. It should've been a fresh start when Lucy moves to a new school. While it's fresh, it's far from normal - especially when Drake, a sinister yet irresistible guy, keeps getting in her way. Soon after, eerie deaths begin to occur around the town and no one can explain them. They aren't regular murders and there is no evidence. Lucy begins to be suspicious of the red-haired boy at her new school. Is Drake just a beautiful, vulnerable guy with captivating eyes and a horrible past? Or could he be something more? Could the burning animosity in his eyes be lethal? THIS BOOK HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ON AMAZON. THE LINK IS ON MY PROFILE. Cover done by @_kaylaxmarie

chapter 1

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by marsy7