Victor and the Sun...
By Amy4142
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Victor, a fairy prince of Solandia, should enjoy a carefree life. But from an early age, he finds himself very busy. He learns complex magic and martial arts. He's even taught how to live in a human world. That's because his parents, King Godfred and Queen Magenta, know about a mortality spell that was cast on their son on the very day of his baptism. A dark-hooded figure with eyes that burn like coals is to blame. Victor's parents know that on his thirteenth birthday, their beloved son will be forced to leave Solandia and live with humans, perhaps never to return. To find an antidote to the spell cast upon him as an infant, Victor must go to a dangerous quest and retrieve the mysterious sun orb, a source of magical power now in the hands of the dark-hooded figure. As he sets upon his quest, a war between the forces of light and darkness erupts. Good fairies wage battles with bad fairies, even as the power in their wands fades. Enter a world of magic, and join the fairy prince as he fights for family, love, and friendship in Victor and the Sun Orb. BOOK REVIEWS: "Victor and the Sun Orb is a five-star, a must read for fantasy lovers." - Reader Views Kids "I highly recommend it." - Independent Professional Book Reviewers "As I read I couldn't but help think of what a great movie it would make." - Bestsellersworld "She authors a clean-cut, wholesome story." - Pacific Book Reviews "Effectively keeping the readers of all ages entertained from cover to cover." - Reader's Choice Book Reviews "A well-paced plot." - San Francisco Book Review "A story that will keep readers ripping through the pages." - Feathered Quill Book Reviews "The book is wonderfully written YA mini-epic." - The Book Bluff. "A fantastical tale that embraces the familiar magical charm of classic fairytales and mythology." - The US Reviews of Books "A brilliantly written fairytale and a story that never fails." - Readers Favorite REVISED EDITION 2020

Chapter 1 - The Council

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Victor an...
by Amy4142