Knight Me Another N...
By KnittedKneeHighs
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"When I grow up I want to be a knight just like you, Daddy!" "And you will, Kayley, don't you worry." ~ Patton traced the name carved into his father's headstone, smiling sadly to himself. "Happy birthday, Dad. I know I'm wasn't the perfect daughter, and never will be... but I hope I'm the son you would have wanted." He heard his mother calling, something about his chores. The chickens needed feeding, the barn needed cleaning. "Hurry up, Kayley, so we can start your dress later!" Patton grimaced and looked up at the red streamer hanging from the barn roof. If he squinted he could see the neighboring farm, flying the same streamer. Camelot was finally finished. The soaring castle walls in place, stained glass casting bright colors across the floors. The large, circular table was in place. Everything was ready. Patton was going to be at that table if it killed him... and with his biological predicament, it just might. Taking a small stick, he went around his father's gravestone and began to write in the dirt behind it. 'Kayley Albrecht' "Kayley!" He winced and dropped the stick, scrambling to his feet and brushing off his tunic. "Coming, Mother!" ~ Characters belong to Thomas Sanders THIS BOOK CONTAINS CLOSETED TRANS PATTON. THERE WILL BE SERIOUS AMOUNTS OF UNINTENTIONAL MISGENDERING. I AM WARNING YOU IN ADVANCE.


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Knight Me...
by KnittedKneeHighs