In the Wake of the...
By barracudakid
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"The perfect book to read with your kids... if you want them to become sailors." Set in Saba, and some of the more exotic and beautiful islands/places in the Caribbean including Guyana, Carriacou and St Maarten, we follow the adventures of Brian, the "Barracuda Kid," and his family and friends as they first save the Lord Sheffield and then try to save Captain Rob and Captain Olsten from a group of ruthless modern-day pirates. Along the way Brian and his friends experience the beauty of the islands, the richness of Caribbean culture and the challenges of navigating an old, but beautiful ship across wide swaths of the Caribbean Sea. They also demonstrate that sometimes there is a role for children to play in the affairs of adults. The story also explores relationships between people - mothers and sons, older people and children and families and friends who become as close as family. Themes emerge such as overcoming long-held fears, developing resilience and learning to trust instincts. Brian and his friends are exposed to some of the less attractive realities of life in the Caribbean, even as they revel in the freedom and beauty of the place. Violence, betrayal and tragedy touch our heroes and must be met with street smarts, bravery and courage. Readers will also become familiar with the parts of a traditional sailing vessel and the complexities of sailing on the open sea. Navigation, boat handling and weather forecasting are made accessible to the non-sailor. The geography of some of the lesser known areas of the Caribbean is introduced, as well as the 'lay of the land' of several islands. Experiencing the unique culture of the Caribbean, including the favorite foods and drinks, adds authenticity to the boys' adventures. Find out more about In the Wake of the Lord Sheffield at


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In the Wa...
by barracudakid