Shortness of Breath
By Railene
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • bisexual
  • breath
  • doctor
  • gay
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • lgbtq
  • medical
  • murder
  • mystery
  • political
  • railene
  • shortness
  • thriller


"It was the typical American marriage: day after ceaseless day of betrayal, right up to his very last breath." A full-time surgeon and full-time mother, Dr. Casey Kenny's third career is damage control. Casey's days are spent covering her husband's tracks as his constant scandals begin to unravel; but living in the public eye as the wife of a United States senator, Casey knows that an unhappy marriage is just her pill to swallow. Just like Senator Wilson Kenny, Casey has some secrets of her own, but she swears her extramarital affairs are just how she keeps herself sane; that is, until her former intern Hallie Strickland begins to change Casey's ideas about love and commitment, and both Casey and Hallie begin to put themselves on the line to rescue the other from deterioration. Casey finds herself in deeper than she ever anticipated. When Wilson Kenny is assassinated mere days after his affair hits the news, all fingers point to Casey. As always, it's her job to pick up the pieces, but now it's her own past that she needs to cover. Cover art by the wildly talented @JaneDoeSmith1! Trigger warning: discussion of DV/IPV


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by Railene