I Sail With You
By justalittlegirl03
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Against his wishes, Omega Prince Harry Styles is arranged to mate with someone he doesn't love, much less knows. Though he pleaded to his parents incessantly, they not only refuse to comply but force him to depart on a ship days later. Harry prays for fate to step in, to change what's to come, however, the answer he is given is not exactly in the form he had hoped. Enter Will Tommo - deadliest pirate captain of all seven seas. !!! THIS IS NOT MY STORY !!! It's the story from @WildeThoughts on Wattpad but it just appears in her ao3 Account: https://archiveofourown.org/users/AFangirlFantasy/works She actually reached out to me and gave me permission to keep the Story online. Check out her other stories too! She seems to be a lovely person. Highest rankings: 1# toplouis 1# abo 1# omegaharry 1# betaniall 2# alphalouis 3# alphaliam 5# edsheeran

Chapter 1

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I Sail Wi...
by justalittlegirl03