The Other One {Harr...
By WalkStar
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Book One (complete). Haunted by the suicide of her older brother, Maddie Turner's life is in shambles. Her overbearing mother pushed her into acting when she was a child, though it wasn't what she wanted, and Maddie has spent the last 8 years playing herself in the biggest sitcom in America. Maddie knows who everyone expects her to be--that tv version of her--but she still doesn't know who she REALLY is. When she meets Harry, a musician and creative writing student, she discovers her true self, the one that was hidden just under the surface, all along. •on @wattpad's FEATURED LIST for fanfiction• •on @fanfic's One Direction reading list• •featured on @1dfanficrec's 'Harry Styles' list• •featured on @wpafterdark 's fanfiction list• •see my lists for translations• !! This story is rated M for Mature and contains graphic depictions of sex, as well as references to physical, emotional, and verbal abuse of children; suicide; and drug and alcohol abuse. Please proceed at your own risk. !!


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The Other...
by WalkStar