The Feeling of Dark...
By Atsushi_Tataki
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A child with red hair and blue eyes was born with the power to control others. As he grew up his own clan feared him knowing he was strong, to strong. Kanaye tried over and over again to escape the hell he called home many times, though all those times he tried he failed. His clan wasn't a kind one either, they knew how much power he held and needed to get rid of him as soon as possible. Even if it meant killing him. Once more he tried to escape but gets caught by his two siblings in the process, he went back meeting a sight he wished he did not see. One that would haunt him forever. Till this day he seeks revenge on those who slaughtered his clan, his family. His goal in life is to make his brothers proud, for that's what they wished during their last breath. Kanaye grows hatred inside himself, but he seems to let it all go when he makes friends. Particularly a fox-like boy named Naruto. Will Kanaye let go of all that hatred bared inside him or will he regain it once more?

Bio: Kanaye Tatake

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The Feeli...
by Atsushi_Tataki