Wild Girl. (Hiccup...
By Red-Ramen
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Hiccup, a boy living in the village Berk. Being a weakling yet the son of the chief. Y/n, a girl flying on her Night Fury. Loving to be free. Flying without a worry in the world. What happens when Hiccup shoots Y/n and her best friends down from the sky? - "You can call me Y/n." - "You don't seem very popular around here." - "This is all your fault!" - "I hate humans." - "I'll never hurt a dragon." - Their emotions will run wild as Y/n try to help Hiccup both with Dragon Training and training his new dragon. - "Oh boy..." - Will Y/n change her point of view about Vikings? "He's gonna need a lot of help.." Book one - HTTYD: Completed. Book two - HTTYD 2: Completed. Book three - The Hidden World: Complete + Homecoming. Book four - RTTE: Released. (You don't HAVE to read the D-RoB chapters. After the movie is finished, you can move to the second book, Not So Wild.)


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Wild Girl...
by Red-Ramen