Picking Petals:
By Poetic_Slum
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*completed, chapters have been added after editing* Eighteen year old Fae, Nadia is sworn to protect her home Valkri from the very demons invading their once thriving magical world. Things take an odd turn when Nadia rescues Prince Rone from a demon attack. Impressed with Nadias fearlessness and status Queen Livina assigns Nadia to protect the reckless Prince with her life, till he takes the crown. Nadia and Rone find themselves at an unlikely friendship, even though Rone often found every possible way to get under Nadias skin. There was an effortless attraction Nadia couldn't ignore. A certain familiarity that only draws the two dangerously closer. Valkri doesn't have much time left and there are traitors at every corner trying to keep secrets buried. Valkri is dying from the inside out from a curse so hateful and undying, waiting for its true creator to come to light. Blood will be spilled, love will be taken and Nadia just might break, hopefully not before she breaks the curse old as an elders heart. Nadia has a part to play and if she doesn't play her cards right then there will be no mercy for her soul or any man she loves. Mother Valkri has just begun... Keep A look out for book two Petels in The Wind!!!!! Get ready for a whole new world.

Chapter 1: Valkri

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Picking P...
by Poetic_Slum