Winter Bear || TaeJ...
By ukiyo_0701
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Kim Seokjin, a student of Photography decided to visit his friends in order to prepare for the assignment for his finals. Little did he know that his short getaway would set in motion a whole new chain of not-so-coincidental events concerning a very dangerous mission. It was the same mission which had wrecked Kim Taehyung and his team a year ago who had helplessly endured the devastation. But Fortune decided to spin an exquisite bond of love for them which they had not expected to experience. Fate played with their lives, driving them through heaven and hell as they fought to hold on to each other. Despite the fact that wars always leave ruins, will they be brave enough to adorn such ruins with the beauty of relentless pursuit of love? TopTae. BottomJin Other ships include- YoonSeok, NamMin, KookJin Disclaimer: The pictures used here are not owned by me, credits to the rightful owners. #Winner(btsships)_Dionysus Awards_2020 Started:14.11.2019 Status: Ongoing Mature content. Read at your own risk.


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Winter Be...
by ukiyo_0701