My Sunshine // Twil...
By gabideane13
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Madison Swan is Bella Swan's twin sister. Bella is older by 5 minuets. Madison is a state exchange student. She has been living in New Orleans for 3 years. She lives with the Mikaelsons. She knows that they are vampires and that there are witches and werewolves. They are like her 2nd family. Everyone who meets Madison loves her. She has a smile that could light up a room, and a laugh that is contagious. She is always happy. Madison was going to take some time to visit family so she decided to go live with her dad for awhile. She then finds out that her twin sister is also moving in with there dad. Madison has not seen her dad or her friends down in the Rez for 2 years and hasn't seen her sister in 3 years. Also, Madison is best friends with the people who live out on the Rez. What will happen when Madison meets the Cullens? How will Madison's second family feel about her being around other vampires and werewolves? Stay tuned to find out❕ // P.S. Vampire and werewolves and witches can make a bond with others but it's really rare. Madison is one of the few that have ever lived that can bond with them. When they bond with someone it doesn't mean they are dating or anything they could be like brother and sister or mother and father. They can even be one of your BEST friends. But it could also mean they are soulmates.


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My Sunshi...
by gabideane13