A Harper's Christma...
By nikkihershell
  • Short Story
  • christmas
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  • harpers
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Join the Harper's under the tree as we take a peek inside of their world.... A world we have never seen. The Harper's will be unwrapped like you've never seen! In this short story we will look through the tinsel and see the Harper's like we have never seen them. Tucked away are the guns and mafia life... If only temporary. In this quirky little tale of Holiday merry the Harper's escape to the country home located right outside of New York City where as tradition they all spend the Holidays. All of the Harper's, under one roof for an extended amount of time.... What could go wrong? You will laugh, cry and smile at the sweet moment's to come. Note: There will be none of the usual Harper "business" connected to this book. This is the one chance they actually get to live somewhat of a normal life while on a Holiday break away from the city and their dangerous lifestyle .

Turkey And Football

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A Harper'...
by nikkihershell