Together We Fall
By ElleBlane
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Emma's life takes an exciting turn when she moves back to her hometown. Certain circumstances cause her to run into the schools most notorious football player, Trace Henderson. Their first meet is wild but that doesn't mean their friendship will be just as crazy, right? After all, they are polar opposites. What could go wrong with that? Emma is back in town and on the first day collides with a jock that saves her life. Things take surprising turns when she realizes they share the same school. All she wanted was to stay under the radar but now she's faced with the most popular boy in school. Trace is set on figuring out the life of Emma as he helps and protects her. Feelings develop but are they mutual? Will they fall together or will Emma have to catch herself on the way down? __________________________________________ "Trace is stubborn, relentless, annoying, hilarious, he makes me yell, and he drives me out of my mind. But he's everything I want. I'm falling for him faster than I realized and my only hope is that he'll be there to catch me." #7 in football out of 16.9K stories - June 2020 #1 in romance out of 1.2M stories- June 2020 #1 in highschoolromance- June 2020 #2 in teenfiction out of 191K stories- June 2020 #3 in love out of 2M stories- June 2020 **COMPLETED** Content and/or Trigger Warning: This story contains swearing, mature themes or sexual content. [Word Count: 190,000-200,000]

Chapter 1

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by ElleBlane