Fate (Avengers)
By LittleLynx2002
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Soulmate Identification Mark AU ✦✦✦ Fate is a strange thing. Soulmates are even stranger. To know we are destined to share our entire lives with this person or (in some very, very rare cases) a group of people, it's strange. One soulmark was common. Two soulmarks weren't unheard of. Sometimes a person has three and sometimes the more close minded people look down at them but it happens. But seven soulmarks were unheard of, there wasn't any documented proof that it had ever happened before. Until Isabelle Swann... ✦✦✦ Not going to follow the movies exactly because I'm in denial. In my mind, the averages are all living in the tower, have movie night on Fridays and game nights on Saturday. The accords didn't happen, Thaddeus Ross fell into a volcano and Bucky is slowly getting better with the help of a supportive family/friends. This story is inspired by Fated Marks by Lexiepexie08 on ArchiveOfOurOwn (Ao3) I highly recommend that you go and read her book if you're a fan of polygamy soulmate avengers, it's a really good book, one of my favourites. ///Slow Updates\\\


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Fate (Ave...
by LittleLynx2002