Sovereign Blood
By ShadowOwl4876
  • Vampire
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  • blood
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  • ddlg
  • dominant
  • innocent
  • little
  • lovestory
  • oblivious
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  • vampire


A ddlg story, if your not comfortable don't read it! Olivia Morris was a young woman attending Cambridge University who has been wanting time to spend with her friends and learn to be herself. College work has been holding her down and constraining her to stay inside her dorm. Many of her close friends invite her to frat parties and hangouts but she never gets the time to indulge in herself. Jason Richards had been attending Cambridge for his fourth year. Many have thought they have seen him there for longer but his record proves otherwise. They suppose because of how popular he is, many generations remember his handsome face. He had been showing interest and fondness toward Olivia but since her nose is always stuck in a book, she never gets a chance to notice herself. Many of the other seniors at Cambridge had developed jealousy and irritation toward Olivia but she never could put her finger on why. They wanted Jason to themselves but he had his sights somewhere else. Deep down they have secrets of their own but will they be uncovered between the two of them or even at all?

Chapter 1: Unbelievable

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by ShadowOwl4876