The Husband Werewol...
By GK_195
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Please VOTE and COMMENT! ^^ You're a pure blood werewolf and you've been sent to the sakamaku household by your father as a small vacation from your job being a superstar idol. While at the mansion you met yui, your long time best friend ever since childhood. The Sakamaki brothers are falling in love with you even though you've only stayed for a day and they already fell in love with you. Feelings will appear once they found out that you're not just a human. Warnings: Mature contents is in the story such as Yaoi,Sex,Violence,Kinks,Explicit words. And the alikes. If you do not like this types of stories, please kindly leave. I do not own the characters of Diabolik lovers. And i do not own any of the pictures that can be seen, unless i made it i will type it.


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The Husba...
by GK_195