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Alpha Superior is cursed to be mateless for the rest of his life. As the Champion of Lycanthropes, Alpha Superior is the strongest and oldest of his species. Having been bestowed the gift of immortality as a young man, he lives to protect his pack, but at the highest price any shifter can pay. For within every wolf pack there must be one lone wolf. He remains forever alone so that his fellow lycanthropes can find their mates - soulmates. As the representative of the Goddess Artemis, the Alpha is blessed with great wealth and power, but he can never have what he desires most. He saved her. Found as a baby in the Dominican Republic, Aella is adopted by Kaius and Celest Knight. She grows up in the life of an upper-class daughter of a wealthy lawyer and surgeon with the story of her rescue an untold tale. But she knows she was found as a baby and that her uncle was the one to find her. She can't help the innocent fascination she has with her adoptive father's brother. After she turns eighteen, she realizes that her ordinary privileged world may not be all it seems and that there is always a price for happiness. Alpha Superior's past haunts him, but even worse threatens Aella. And although he tries to stay away, he can't ignore the deep-rooted instinct to protect her. He soon learns that the human child he'd rescued over two decades ago turned into a strong, resilient young woman, and may be his ultimate salvation. He's forced to ask himself what does one do when fate fucks up? Set in modern times, Igniting Icarus is a humorous and sensual story about prohibited love and self-preservation. In 102,000 words, a story of love, fantasy, and turmoil unravels, teaching two star-crossed soulmates and readers that they have to fight for their happily ever after. BEING PUBLISHED 10/19/2022 Igniting Icarus has been inspired by Lady and the Wolf by S.A. Cross.

Igniting Icarus

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by JuliannaWrights