The Feelings We Hid...
By Write_4ever_
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Harrington Boys Series Book 4 Undeniable Duology Book 1 ****** Fourteen months ago Kylie was left by Miles Harrington a few weeks before she moved to New York to start her dream career in fashion. Upon returning back to Carolina Beach for the first time in all those months, she is faced by old friends and the man who she still believes to be the love of her life. Miles, seeming to still be the man she loves, turns up at her hotel room that night and suddenly she has no restraint. As these two spend time together again, Kylie soon feels like she is losing her mind. Has she really turned into that girl that runs back to the man who emotionally hurt her without even asking for the reason he broke up with her? ******* Miles Harrington found the love of his life years ago, but let her go. Time and heartbreak has changed her, but will he find his happily ever after? Both of them have been hiding their feelings for fourteen months, but can you really hide them forever? *Contains Sexual Content

Chapter 1

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The Feeli...
by Write_4ever_