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She gasped for air as the arrow tore through her chest. Her eyes go wide as she looks down at the black arrow sticking out of her chest. Lefu's arrow. An arrow of Death. At that moment she knew, that she wouldn't come out of this alive. She looses control of her own body as it falls to the ground, her body going completely numb. She spares a glance to her bleeding chest with a grimace. She can still hear the screaming of the others fighting and of people dying. Her vision blurs and her ears start to ring. Is this what it was like to die? It wasn't what people cracked it all up to be. She looks up to the sky, the sun starting to set into an early sundown. It was like the universe knew it was her time and was trying to comfort her. Her lips twitched up a bit in a smile but immediately dropped as she felt herself near. She gasps for air as she tries to hold on but to no avail. Her vision gets worse as she tries to fight off the death that has grown so attached to her. Her head tilts to the rest of the battle field in hopes to catch sight of him. Her eyes scan over everyone from her side and her eyes land on Adonis. She let's out a relieved sigh as she see's him next to Roya. As long as he stayed near her he would be okay. She let's herself go at this, knowing that it would of had to happen sooner or later. Her eyes catch his and she smiles as she whispers a quiet goodbye as she finally gives in, his eyes widening as he sees her state. She slowly stops breathing, her heart stops beating, and her eyes close as she is finally pulled into the dark depths of death. That's when the world started screaming. ©-MegLynn


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