Parallel Dimension
By coolstoryliz
  • Fantasy
  • dimension
  • story
  • true
  • twins


Nancy Tello always wanted to have a twin. She saw how her two best friends, June and Jessie were always having fun with that. But she never imagined how one little wish could easily come true. And its not like she had a long lost twin or anything like that. This all started in detention, where Nancy, the twins and her "soon to be boyfriend" Aaron were caught ditching and breaking classroom windows. That and the mention of the annual school trip to River Valley, a one week excursion where they will be free from any adult supervision (that is, parents) will be able to roam around the forest, being careful of predators of course (but there's really nothing to worry about there) and maybe finally Aaron will tell her how he feels. But things go wrong, accidents happen, and they end up in a parallel dimension with the one girl everyone hates. It seems to be no different than home actually, they don't notice its NOT home, until they meet someone who looks exactly like them. Twins? Follow their story as they try to find their way back, avoiding these twins for major reasons, and how they each find a little more about themselves no one knew. © xxxrandom_lizxxx


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