The Last Time I Saw...
By hoeblink
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"Babe smilee pleasssee" "Hereee im smiling" "Wait babe.." "Babyy are you making fun of me?Ive been smiling since a minute ago i guess" "Its blurry...its all black..." Everyone in the table felt sorry for me. "And my men that was the last time i saw her." "Well atleast you will see her again right?" "Maybe yes? Maybe nah? Idunno, we'll just SEE" Where in Lisa, a photographer ,went blind because of an accident that slowly show symptoms of her condition. Her girlfriend Jennie,a model and an artist, stayed and took care for her but it was not that long. What will happen if lisa SEEs jennie again after 5 years but this time its different. Disclaimer* I saw this story on twitter but i havent read it i decided to get an idea but i will change the story Credits to the great author who came up with the idea. (Not sure if this has mature stuff,G!P?) I am new to writing Please enjoy

Back from the dark

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The Last...
by hoeblink