Lost in the castle
By SilviaKrpatova
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~Weekly updates~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I'm Vlad III, the Prince of Wallachia," he said seriously, as if admitting to a crime. Vlad squeezed my hand tighter, making me wonder if he was scared I would run away. "And you are my Princess." He added after a while, looking at me, gauging my reaction. At first, this new information only added to my confusion. Vlad III of Wallachia, the Impaler, Dracula? And I was his...wife? Then I realised that what he had just said, kind of made sense. It was as if I found one of many missing pieces of a puzzle, which I had been struggling to finish for eternity. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When Samara decides to visit the famous Bran Castle on a Halloween night, she doesn't really know what to expect. But what she finds when she gets lost it its ancient, dark corridors after following a mysterious guide instead of her group, overcomes even her wildest expectations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The first chapter of this story is my entry (winner) for @WattpadTimeTravel Travel in the dark contest. Rating: 16+

Lost in the castle

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Lost in t...
by SilviaKrpatova