Hell Hath No Fury
By TheFreshmanWriterx
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When Lennon shows up in the office of an old friend, she finds herself slowly immersed in the throes of the Mayans Motorcycle Club and the Galindo Cartel. Initially serendipitous, she finds herself drawn to it more and more. From one world of rule and law to another, how will she navigate this new reality? ------------- Hi all! I've literally never done creative writing but I've been so fixated on finding Mayans fan fic. As an obsessive fan and reader, I've read pretty much all of them. So that led me to trying to write my own to try and fill some of the need for more! Deciding whether or not to make this an Angel/Nestor love triangle thing or not. I like messy relationships. Let me know that you think!

A Favor

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Hell Hath...
by TheFreshmanWriterx