Doomed to Linger
By RenegadeDrummer
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My entry for #TheGrudgeContest "Evil doesn't leave. It lingers." Filming the next viral video in a haunted place was an opportunity Ethan Baker couldn't pass up. Putting yourself in danger is the price of fame online, even if Ethan didn't believe the abandoned building to be dangerous. His belief changed as soon as he crossed the threshold of Devonport Manor. The evil occurrences of the past still echoed in the building. There was no escape from the curse, no escape from the tormented souls remaining. Upon entering the building, the curse attaches to the victim. With every step, with every horrifying breath, the tormented souls of the departed remain beside their prey determined to keep them there just as they must remain. Forever doomed to linger.

Doomed to Linger

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Doomed to...
by RenegadeDrummer