The Fear of Falling...
By Needing_SomeHale
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So, there's this girl. And she's perfect! British accent, tall as hell, long brown hair, and these blue eyes- oh, damn her eyes! Then there's her brother. He's tall, muscular, vulgar, rude, and the scariest person that I've ever met. But guess which one I have a date with. Kai Avery, popular, get's good grades, devilishly good looks, he's got it all! All except the girl of his dreams, Rose Clary. When he finally gets his chance to ask her out without her scary brother around, it all goes downhill when he's ambushed by Blake Clary himself. In a panic, he lies and says he was coming to talk to Blake instead. He expected to get punched, but instead... got a date for Friday night?! What happens when he really starts to get feelings for Blake and sees his soft side? Can Blake really be the one Kai was after all along? *** WARNING WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS BOYXBOY SEX IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN BE A BABE AND GET OFF MY PAGE K THANKS ***

Chapter One; Rose and Blake Clary

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The Fear...
by Needing_SomeHale