True Demons Book 1:...
By Red_Moon_Hood
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Indra and Ashura were just young children when their father brought in a young girl roughly the same age as Indra himself and suddenly made the decision in living with them from then on. The girl in fact was so mysterious that she avoided the two brothers by simply staying within her designated room. As well as always refused to reply if ever the nosy Ashura tries to reach out to her. At this point, their own father even forbade the brothers to disturb her and leave her alone along with her secrets. By far the only one who was obedient to this rule, Indra had his entire perspective of the world changed due to a simple gap in the wall, the touch of an icy cold hand as well as the calling melody. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Note: I do not own Naruto Universe as well as it's characters, the only things I own are the plot and additional characters.


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True Demo...
by Red_Moon_Hood