Erkenci kus-The une...
By crusheddreamzzz
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Life is full of twist as we all know. We meet in different places with different persons. And lots of surprises awaits us. Some can be positive. Some can be negative. But what do you do when you find out that the person you dream of becomes your real life partner? Sanem is a successful writer who writes under a pen name Larissa. Her writing eventually contains the pain of her life which attracts the eyes of the cities famous business man Jan Divit. He is a man with everything. Perfect and polished. But he has a gentle side and is lonely cause his life is full of fake people. And sanem's writings make him want to see her. Cause he feels and understands her content is not just a writing but a real story to which he relates his feelings. life eventually brings a twist to add spice-sweet-sour in their lives. Read it out to find what happens next.

Chapter 1

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Erkenci k...
by crusheddreamzzz