Evo-lved Citizens:...
By Scorpani3
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Payton Daelyn isn't your ordinary teenage girl. She's quirky, nerdy, and everything off-the-beaten path, especially when it comes to her Evo - a special ability that most people have in one way or another due to the Earth mineral, Morphinite. As a result, she has been forced to keep her Evo a secret her whole life, despite her dream of becoming a brilliant SciTech (like the famed Vincent Kuhlbert). Then, shortly after an old friend returns to town, Payton accidentally reveals her power to her middle school class, catalyzing a series of unexpected events. From an undergound society's interest in her, to breath-taking new opportunities at the Moira League's SciTech Academy, Payton and her Evo are tested and tried by society, friends, and enemies alike. All the while, a greater evil lurks beneath it all, and it is up to Payton to discern who may be her friend or foe.

Chapter #1 - Prejudices

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by Scorpani3