SURVIVE :The File S...
By VictorMwiti
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • action-adventure
  • action-thriller
  • mystery
  • mystery-thriller


What if today is your graduation day at med. school? You recover from retrograde Amnesia and discover the master to whom you've to wait believes the oath you just took to uphold the sanctity of life is just but crap. To save lives is not his agenda. You're a trained killer, with a mysterious code embedded in your arm. A terrorist faction called the Shrine Tango Movement seeks to exploit your I.Q. But its a setup. Extremists from the terror group capture and lure you with a €5 Million reward to solve the so called Psi-Files secret chain. The chain is to be employed to design a high-tech spacecraft from which a biological weapon known as the 'Night Blight' shall be released on selected locations in the U.S., Israel and Ukraine. In what appears to be a retaliatory move against this ploy, the U.S. is about to go to war with Russia. And three other factions are hunting you down to steal the chain. Would you flee? Would you fight back? Or would you embrace this quest? Survive tells it all.


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by VictorMwiti