His Gifted Sin
By Snehalghuge13
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"What do you mean I was gifted to you?" "It is not good to eavesdrop but you heard it right. You are a gift that was forcefully imposed on me." "Y-You... are.... lying..." "Am I? You know what? Gift is a very fancy term for you. 'Trash' suits you better." ||~×~|| Reyna Bakshi had it all sorted out for her. She would graduate, get a job and move out from her home. And maybe find a guy who would love her like she was the most precious gem in the world. But what will happen when her parents arrange her marriage with Yuvaan Raichand, one of the most rich and eligible bachelors in the world? Will she be able to cope up with all the things thrown in her way or will she loose her innocence to the hands of devil in disguise? One decision can change her whole life for better or for worse. Yuvaan Raichand is said to be ruthless, stone-hearted and unforgiving when it comes to his enemies but is he really that heartless as everyone says? And is our Reyna really that innocent? ----------------------------------------------------------- Status :- Ongoing **Only for mature audience (18+ yrs)** **Read at your own discretion** ⚠️ NO PLAGIARISM ⚠️ 🚨 ALL OF MY WORKS ARE COPYRIGHTED 🚨 ©Snehalghuge2019


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His Gifte...
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