Lola: Lady Of Sorrow
By DestinyNdi
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Lola, an intelligent bright orphan girl, was raised in a physically and mentally abusive environment by her only guardian. Rejected by her own family at a toddler age, she suffers pain and brutality as a way of vengeance for an unplanned event that took place even before she was conceived. Even after a risky escape from her first home, she lands straight into the fire from the pan. Again and again the world hits Lola with more unfortunate events, breaking her inside out. Luckily, it seems happiness is found, but all good things must come to an end... She is pushed to the wall by an upside down twist in her love life, which leads her to create unimaginable regrets, in attempt to find inner peace the wrong ways.... A Wattpad Original. Copyright ©2020 Destiny Cover by DestinyNdi


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Lola: Lad...
by DestinyNdi