Tales of the Tug Fo...
By MountainWriter
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Basically a bunch of one-shots centered around Tolbert and Bud. ! MOST EVENTS ARE FICTITIOUS ! ! NOT HISTORICALLY ACCURATE WITH MOST THINGS ! I did create a birthday for Bud, as all that is known is that he was born in 1864. I have no proof that the two McCoy brothers were this close, and in the miniseries, it seems that they had Tolbert and Pharmer closer than Tolbert and Bud. I've also read that Bud and his younger brother William "Bill" were extremely close, so I'll probably add him in at some point. Above that, I have done research on the times, but I'm sure some things are wrong. Please forgive those. Other than that, I hope you enjoy these little stories I come up with! ~ Slow Updates ~

"You're my Favorite"

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Tales of...
by MountainWriter