A Bughead story
By bugheadsstory
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Is there one person for everyone? Someone who will love you unconditionally no matter what. The only person in this world who really gets you. Is there such a thing as meant to be, and do soulmates really exist? Betty and Jughead have attended the same school for years, but never really noticed each other. That is until one day, they are ordered to work together on an assignment. Will their differences come between them, or will Betty be able to see past Jughead's closed facade? Through time they develop a close friendship and maybe even more. Unfortunately not everyone are happy about the the two's aspiring romance. Will Betty and Jughead get through the crazy obstacles thrown their way, and can their relationship stand the test of time? A/N: I hope you like my first story called "A Bughead story" (very original I know). I'll be trying to upload as much as possible, hopefully at least a couple of parts a week (depending on how busy I am). [This book is currently being edited]


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A Bughead...
by bugheadsstory