The New Girl (Older...
By StoreyboardJord
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(an update on the story!!! a story will be coming out in the Eyes of Tic, the sister to (Y/N) and professor Membrane if anyone is interested in reading it!!!) This is me, throwing an attempt at a story, one where everyone so far that I've read kinda wasn't grammar checked or wrote very well, so I'm making my own hit at one. I hope yall enjoy a Fanfic for this little nutcase (That's not actually a nut case) which will have a lot of effort poured into it. :) plus some overall Decent Grammar and a good Plot. :D Hope you Enjoy!!! Dib in this one is 18, Increasing the age a bit so to make it not as WEIRD for those who are trying to read this without thinking about how this is low key Pedophilia. Art by KiiruSama on Deviantart!


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The New G...
by StoreyboardJord