Set Me Free
By WhimsyWarrior
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Fem!Kirishima x Bakugou // Medieval AU ---------------------- "I want to fight for you, with you. The way you fought, even outnumbered you didn't back down. I want to be like that," she gripped his shoulder "I want to be unbreakable. Let these wings that you unshackled be used as if they were your own." Bakugou searched her eyes and she could have sworn that he would see through to her soul and she felt completely exposed. However, she didn't falter and Bakugou could have sworn he saw fire in her depths. ---------------------- WARNINGS: Strong language (Bakugou ofc) Apart from that anything else will have a warning at the start of the chapter. My first story so please be gentle. ;3 I am constantly striving to improve and I hope it shows!!! (Updated Weekly) (Will be fully edited when completed) - WhimsyWarrior

Chapter 0. Prologue

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Set Me Fr...
by WhimsyWarrior