Reverse Christmas *...
By sylviaNgould
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Jessica Sullivan knows what Christmas is all about -- sales. For her, the best present on Christmas Day is a sales report showing her shoes have sold well beyond expectations, capping off another successful year as a bright star in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, it's only Black Friday and her newest design, Sullivan Snow Bunnies, are just short of reaching their goal. It's not a great start to the shopping season and Jessica is preparing herself for a disappointing Christmas. However, things begin to look up when she encounters a handsome stranger with a special present just for her -- an antique Christmas calendar. Eager to see what treats await her, she whips open the first door and discovers that Santa plans to reclaim gifts instead of handing them out. With each day, Jessica loses a luxury and gains a new perspective as she stumbles through Christmas with her world turned upside down.


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Reverse C...
by sylviaNgould