The Stag and The Fr...
By milesismyhero
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Yesterday he was a bastard and a blacksmith. Today he's a lord. Gendry Baratheon has never had anything. No last name, no family, no power. Now he has it all. But his heart is broken. And he has no idea how to do any of the things expected of him as a lord. But he will try anyway. Yesterday she almost died protecting Bran Stark. Today she's not sure he's worth dying for. Meera Reed gave up everything. For Bran Stark and the quest her brother sent them on. But now her brother is dead and she's been discarded by the boy she swore to protect. All she has left is her home, and she will do anything to defend it. But one moment will change everything. For them and the rest of the kingdom. The moment when Gendry and Meera meet each other. Together they will heal. Together they will love. Together they will rise. Together they will fight a war. Against the boy she almost died for. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a Game of Thrones fan fiction story set during and after the ending of the show. It follows Gendry and Meera from the moment they stepped off our screens until... they've changed the ending into something else. This is the first book in a planned trilogy about Gendry and Meera in the post-show GOT world.

Authors note: The story, the characters and the timeline

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The Stag...
by milesismyhero