Scars and Souvenirs
By LadyBrienne823
  • Romance
  • adultcontent
  • gayromance
  • hurtcomfort
  • lgbt
  • mmromance


Aiden Wares is a 34 year old mailman currently residing in Orlando, but was born in Oklahoma. After the end of a relationship left him permanently scared inside and out, he soon after loses his father and decides on a fresh start with his sizable inheritance. After 3 years he's found comfort in being an introvert who enjoys time in the kitchen and watching HGTV. He's shy and a bit sassy until you get to know him and his heart of go ld; Then he practically never stops talking. Unable to fight that lasting light in himself, he takes a chance on a local gay club to see if he's ready to face his fear of wishing for love again. What he doesn't expect is to attract the company of a tall, long haired and impossibly handsome stranger who unravels his instincts to run and hide more and more with each smile. But what happens when that charm isn't enough? Can Aiden face the new challenges his past has created for a future relationship, and learn to trust not only another, but himself again? Is it even worth trying? And Will his new love interest have the patience to stick around while he figures it out? Warning: this story contains explicit sexual scenes between two adult men, as well as a detailed account of a violent attack.


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Scars and...
by LadyBrienne823