Revenge Of The Betr...
By BrunoMari155
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After Igneel died infront of Natsu, something snapped inside of the latter and he turned into E.N.D. Gray, fueled by anger, tried to kill him but was restrained by other guildmembers. But that didn't mean they weren't troubled as Gray. Everyone started to ignore Natsu and eventually started to beat him up, but he didn't striked back because he still thought of them as a family. He stopped going to the guild, but that didn't stop the others from breaking into his house and attacking him. One day, when Lucy and Happy were supposed to bring him to the guild for others to beat him up, they saw that he was crying and felt sorry for him. Natsu had enough and decided to run away, with his two best friends joining him. From that day, he swore that not only would he get revenge on Fairy Tail for betraying him but also on Zeref for turning him into a monster. Disclaimer: Fairy Tail series and its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. I only own this book and the OCs from PerGrande Kingdom. This is a fanfiction, so the story in this book is different than the one from actual series. Rated M for slight sexual references, mild swearing and very few disturbing scenes.


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Revenge O...
by BrunoMari155